1988 Adformatie   Interview with Jeff de Wolf about his leave to London
  Adformatie Article about Jeff's adventures in London
1989 Adformatie Reviewing entries for the Art Director Club Netherlands Awards
1990 Adformatie   New campaign "Gouden Gids" makes a fool out of viewer
1993 BladBlad The "Wild"-issue: the new advertising generation
  Adformatie Orgastic highlights for small brands
  Adformatie "Hey pilot, can you stop overthere for a moment?"
  Adformatie Epica Award for Filofax campaign
1994 Adformatie  The Stars of 1993
  Adformatie New work for Citroën Cars
  ArtView    Gold "Sole" at international Advertising Awards Festival Londen
  BAT magazine Very funny campaign for Filofax
  Lurzer's International Archive New work for Remia published
  Lurzer's International Archive New work for Filofax published
  Avenue Box Eastern influences in Dutch Advertising
  Adformatie "Bookmarked!"
  The Campaign Report "Most creative agencies in Europe"
  Adformatie   "This month a Cosmopolitan magazine for men!"
  Adformatie   New campaign "Safari" liquor
  NieuwsTribune Golden Lion for Filofax at International Advertising Festival Cannes
1995 Adformatie   "Penrite, increases the performance of oldtimers"
  Nieuws Tribune    New work Penrite
1996 Adformatie Jeff de Wolf creative partner in new Swedish Agency
  Adformatie Copywriter Paul Falla new creative partner Jeff de Wolf
  Adformatie Top 5 favourites by Jeff de Wolf
  Lurzer's International Archive New work for Tooting & Mitchum FC published
  Adformatie Mad advertising campaign for "lousy" Football Club
  Algemeen Dagblad Small campaign for "lousy" Football Club
  Adformatie Porsches "Kinky Toy"
  Resume Swedish marketing magazine "We don't have a clue what is written there!!"
1997 Adformatie New work for Filofax
  Alrecon Media  Column Jeff de Wolf about the "Jewels" in outdoor advertising
1998 Volkskrant   Frank and Ronald de Boer in Advertising campaign
2000 Adformatie Jeff de Wolf freelance
2001 Adformatie Dead mouse?
2003 Adformatie New work for Academisch Centrum Amsterdam
  Adformatie Lance Armstrong in ad campaign for KWF cancer society
2005 Adformatie New work for Holland Casino
2006 Adformatie "The making of" new Holland Casino ad campaign
2007 NRC Handelsblad Interview with Jeff de Wolf about his love for lightships
  Dagblad "De Stem" "Even before Prince Alexander we knew his wife was pregnant"
  Adformatie About "The new royal baby" in advertising
  Adformatie Winners SAN Accenten 2006
2008 Telegraaf IN magazine Project DutchDock "The New Creative Initiative"
  Adformatie Premier Balkenende starring in new campaign for "De Pers"
  Adformatie   New work Opel
  Adformatie New campaign "De Pers" fights pre-consumptions
  Noord Amsterdams Nieuwsblad Interview with founders "Onze Energie"
  Adformatie   New work Weight Watchers
  Revu Celebs party at the lightship
  Volkskrant   Lightship number 12 in photo special
  Adformatie Work Manfield illustrating interview
2009 Identity Matters   Marleen Stikker about project DutchDock
  Adformatie Judge demands: Jeff de Wolf has to return as Creative Director
  Telegraaf   Project DutchDock, new project in Amsterdam Noord
  Adformatie   Photography Martinair advertising campaign nominated for AFEAP Awards
  Amsterdam in Ontwikkeling DutchDock very welcomed in Amsterdam Noord
  Amsterdam in Ontwikkeling Architect Julian Wolse about DutckDock
  Het PAROOL newspaper Our Lightship starring on frontpage & in article Parool PS
2012 Adformatie Pokon wants to become the "Calve van de tuincentra"
  Tuin Management Marketing Captains of garden industry
  Marketing Tribune   Pokon Rebranded